la belle dame sans merci (punkalicia) wrote in honest_reaction,
la belle dame sans merci

yes, i have STILL MORE plant pictures.

this set is more oriented toward texture and color.

just wait till i get the rest of my film scanned...

anyway: this series is from US Botanical Gardens, Washington DC (June 2002)
nikon camera, 35mm, 400asa, telephoto lens

i'm including all of the photos of this particular plant that i shot:

green and leafy
i just like the color and texture of this one.

closer in
i like the detail and color this one captured

last one
at first this one was really disappointing to me, but it's kinda grown on me. i now rather like the focus on the tattered lower leaf. realizing this now, i do wish i'd been able to capture more of that leaf, and have the blurred 'frame' a bit smaller. oh well.
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