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honest_reaction's Journal

Honest Reactions
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This community is for people that want honest reactions and critiques of their photography.

The goal is to have constructive criticism that is applicable to the form. What do I mean by constructive criticism? If you like an image: why? The color, the composition, the subject, or something that you cannot define? The same goes for if you dislike something. I try to say what I like about the image, then follow up with what I see as problem spots, or places for improvement. Remember, it’s all subjective. Also, not liking a particular image doesn’t mean that you hate the person, it just means that you don’t like an image.

If you choose to post here, you must be open to any and all comments posted in this community, regardless of how seemingly negative or personal. If you are not willing to risk being subjected to that kind of feedback, please do not post here. Also, people may and will disagree with you. If you can’t take dialogue, then this is probably not the right community for you.

There will be no anonymous commenting. I hate cowards.

Most types of photography are welcome, however, web cam shots are likely to be very harshly judged.

Note: This is a photography community, not a photoshopped 'art' community.